Who We Are

Farmdamentals was formed in 2014 from a deep passion for the dairy industry. Our founder, Michael Pedreiro, was born and raised in the dairy business and, like most “dairy kids” turned his love for the industry into a career. Our consulting business thrived overseas working with companies like Ultrajaya in Indonesia and Baladna Farms in Qatar. Farmdamentals worked to train employees, design protocols, and be on the ground floor of designing new facilities to maximize dairy production and cow comfort in hot, humid environments. Farmdamentals expanded its consulting resume in Egypt, Sudan, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kuwait. Our team has also provided lectures in Singapore, Indonesia, Casablanca, and Dubai, UAE.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting international business and travel, and wanting to support the essential workers of the agriculture industry, Farmdamentals pivoted to focus on needs of dairy farmers domestically by opening our forage division. The vast experience and knowledge of our team with animal agriculture spotlighted the importance of nutrition and the proper practices to protect the investment of forages. Having seen the farming, cultivation, and storage practices of forages all over the world, the team at Farmdamentals saw an opportunity to contribute to this area of the agriculture industry.

Farmdamentals is focused on providing supreme performance and expertise in all areas needed by our customers. Whether you are our consulting or forage customer, our focus is providing you customized and individualized support in order to protect your investments, maximize productivity, and increase your bottom line.

Our Approach


Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you–your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Michael Pedreiro

President & Founder

Michael was born and raised on a dairy farm in the rich & fertile land of the San Joaquin Valley in central California. His family has been in the dairy business since the early 1970’s upon immigrating to the United States. Michael has spent his entire career in the dairy industry and has over 15 years’ experience managing large herds in the United States. His passion for the dairy industry and commitment to helping dairy owners build successful operations is paramount to the programs he creates for his clients.

Michael holds degrees from Modesto Junior College (Associate’s degree in dairy science) and Cornell University (Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science). While attending both colleges Michael was a member of the dairy judging teams and won the national championship at both MJC & Cornell.

Upon his graduation in May 2002 from Cornell, Michael immediately went into dairy management. Relocating to Platteville, CO and managing the Aurora Dairy – CO location. Michael spent the next 10 years managing dairy operations for Aurora Dairy & Dairy Production Systems (DPS) rising up to Executive VP & COO. In 2012 there was a transfer in ownership of DPS and Michael left to pursue other interests.

Over the next several years Michael worked for two repro/genetics companies and managed a large dairy operation in Idaho. After over a dozen years of working in dairy management, sales, professional, and genetic/reproduction consultative roles in the dairy business, Michael took his passion for helping dairy owners make their businesses more profitable, and his love for the dairy profession and created his own business, Farmdamentals, in 2014. Initially focused on international dairy consulting Michael spent the next few years consulting, training and providing management expertise on dairy farm projects in over 10 different countries from Latin America to north Africa & the Middle East to Southeast Asia. Farmdamentals has helped design dairy farm facilities, train people to take on management roles within dairies and provided management expertise on some of the largest dairies in the world.

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting closure of many country borders to non-residents Michael looked to expand Farmdamentals reach to provide additional services focusing on the local dairy business within the United States. In 2020, Michael created Farmdamentals Forage division which focuses on preserving the highest quality of forages through custom silage covering/uncovering, sale of silage plastic and tire sidewalls and providing forage/feed consulting to dairy farms, heifer feedlots and beef feedyards across the USA. Currently Farmdamentals Forage is working in the geographic area of west Texas and southwest Kansas and looking to grow to areas beyond that.

The mission statement of Farmdamentals is to improve results for our customers through intense focus on people, protocols and procedures. We do that through our Farmdamentals Consulting division, which provides consultation, training and management to dairy farms across the world. And through our Farmdamentals Forage division, which provides customized forage services such as silage covering/uncovering, sale of silage plastic & tire sidewalls and forage/feed consultation.

At Farmdamentals we are focused on the fundamentals of creating a thriving, profitable dairy farm.

Michael and his wife Carrie reside in Ponte Vedra, FL with their five children. When he is not working with his customers, he enjoys spending time with his bride and energetic kids, going to Disney World, watching University of Florida Gator football games and going on vacation to the far corners of the world!