Forage Division

The largest expense to any dairy farm, beef feedlot, or heifer feedlot is feed. Feedstuffs that are properly harvested, covered, and maintained, translate into higher milk quality, higher average daily gains, and insurance of your feed investments. While covering silage may seem like a routine seasonal occurrence, we understand this basic necessity has a large impact on the profitability of your operation. Farmdamentals Forage takes great pride in covering your silages with top quality materials, employing the most updated best practices to ensure your feedstuffs are protected from the elements until time to deliver them to your animals. We work with each facility to cover in the manner each owner/manager sees fit, whether that be on a daily basis during season, or once a pile is fully packed.

In addition to covering silage, Farmdamentals also provides uncovering of piles we cover throughout the year.

If you have your covering handled internally, we are happy to provide customers access to top quality plastics at preferred pricing.

Farmdamentals Forage will protect your feed investment, whether that means covering, uncovering, providing plastic, or all three. We’ve got you covered!

Silage Covering

  • We serve dairy farms, beef feedyards, and heifer ranches.
  • Currently serving Colorado, Kansas, and Texas.
  • What makes us different from competition:
    • Owner-operated
    • Daily presence to cover piles (ensures higher preservation of quality of forages).
    • As a dairy or feedyard owner, your largest expense is feed and we take great pride in preserving the quality of your forages.

Silage Uncovering

  • Provide once a week uncovering if needed.

Silage Plastic Dealer/Supplier

  • We are a certified dealer for Raven Silage Plastics for the states of Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah.

  • Provide other brands of silage plastic at customer request. 

  • Whether you choose Farmdamentals to cover your forages or not, we can supply you with quality plastic to protect your forage investment.

Tire Sidewall Supplier

  • We are also available to rent tire sidewalls to any customer at request.

Unique, Just Like You

We work with you to identify key issues and provide you with a comprehensive course of action that offer solutions. We use baseline programs and tailors it to meet your specific needs. Every detail is provided in a project proposal to be mutually agreed upon. Contact us for further information and pricing.